10 Second Car

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What is a 10 second car ?

Nissan G-TR 10 Second

A 10 second car is a car that will cover a quarter of a mile drag race in less than 10.99 seconds. Unfortunately this is not easily achieved without spending thousands on tuning. The following is a list of supercars that reach a quarter mile in 11 seconds and this gives some idea of just how fast this is:

Bugatti Veyron Quarter Mile 9.99 - Ferrari Enzo (651 BHP) : 11 seconds
- Lamborghini Gallardo (554 BHP) : 11.2 seconds
- Pagani Zonda F (595 BHP) : 11 seconds
- Porsche Carrera GT (605 BHP) : 11.2 seconds

To be a 10 second car you need a very high power to weight ratio, along with good aerodynamics. A 4WD can also be advantageous, but shear brut horse power can overcome everything. Below is a list of some production 10 second supercars.

- Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (987 BHP) : 9.9 seconds
- Ferrari LaFerrari F70 (789 BHP) : 9.8 seconds
- Lamborghini Aventador (690 BHP) : 10.2 seconds
- Ferrari 458 Italia (560 BHP) : 10.8 seconds
- Nissan GT-R 2012 (542 BHP) : 10.8 seconds

Power - whatever engine the car is running it is going to have a very high BHP per Litre. Some engines will use turbos or superchargers and maybe nitrous oxides systems.

Weight – power to weight ratio is very important so some cars will use weight reduction techniques. This involves removing unnecessary components from the car such as air con systems, spare wheel, tool kits, rear wipers systems etc. and also replacing components with lighter alternatives such as lighter seats, batteries, perspex windows, fibre glass or carbon fibre body panels.

Road Legal Drag Tyre Traction – the car needs the maximum traction it can get. Valuable tenths of a second can be lost due to wheel spin so grip is important. Drag or even track tyres are essential as they are made of softer rubber compounds that give more grip. Road legal versions do exist but they wear out more quickly than normal road tyres, can be a handful in the wet and drag tyres will not corner as well. Obviously road legal race tyres aren’t just as good as the dedicated race versions. Just changing the tyres can make a big difference to any car.
Some cars run slightly wider tyres as more tyre surface area will be in contact with the road and will provide more grip.
4WD drive cars are better for traction due to the power being applied to all four wheels, but with drag tyres fitted some cars front wheels can lift off the ground.
2WD drive cars can benefit from changing the differential to a performance LSD differential. This will allow for better traction of the line as it helps to evenly distribute the power to the wheels, especially if the car still has an open differential as standard.

Some serious tuning modifications can make almost any car do a 10 second quarter mile, but starting of with a high performance car can be easier as:

- The upgrading of engine components can make the power required.
- The transmission and drivetrain can already tolerate the high torque levels.
- Will already have high performance brakes installed.

Below are some examples of modified 10 second cars all running road legal drag / track tyres (except for the Nissan GT-R).

2002 Mercedes E55 AMG with 469 BHP as standard can be modified to 645 BHP with the upgrading of the supercharger pulley, a larger 82mm throttle body, injectors, exhaust system, remap and other components. Also adding a 100 BHP nitrous oxide system will increase the engine to 745BHP and should easily make the 10 seconds.
(Estimated £7000 of modifications)


2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 with 326 BHP can be tuned to produce over 500 BHP and with some weight reduction can master the 10 seconds. The upgrades would include a larger Precision 58/58 Turbo kit, injectors, remap and throttle body. (Estimated £8,000 of modifications)

2002 Dodge Viper (SRT-10) with 500 BHP from it’s 8.3L V10 engine all it needs is a performance exhaust system and a 200 BHP nitrous oxide system. (Estimated £2,500 of modifications)

2008 Nissan GT-R with 473BHP as standard can be easily modified with an engine remap and exhaust to produce 570 BHP - a very easy option to produce a 10 second car. (Estimated £1,100 of modifications)

2002 Westfield Megabusa - this light weight kitcar fitted with a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine produces 175BHP in a car weighing 450kgs. Add a turbo kit and it can be boosted to 350BHP. (Estimated £6,500 of modifications for the turbo)

Westfield Megabusa

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