Budget 200 MPH Cars, Cheaper Than You Think

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200 MPH, the double ton, once only achievable by millionaires with very expensive supercars. Now you can own a 200MPH car for less than the price of a new Golf GTI. You can do these speeds at private events at 2 mile long airfields organised by clubs such as Vmax200. Please remember that this performance does come with expensive running costs..

BMW M5 E60 (2005)
This M Division saloon is powered by a 5.0L V10 engine that produces 500 BHP and it can reach 205MPH when derestricted. Original costing £62,000 when new, 2005 models can be yours for as little as £16,000.

BMW M5 E60

Mercedes SL55 AMG (2002)
With it’s retractable hardtop roof this convertible sports car will do 202 MPH when derestricted. The 5.5L V8 supercharged engine produces 469 BHP but with a few modifications, such as ECU remap and supercharger pulley upgrade, it can produce 550 BHP. The SL cost £90,000 in 2002 and today is valued at £16,000 upwards.

Mercedes SL55 AMG

BMW M6 E63 (2005)
Sharing the same engine as the M5 it’s no surprise that this BMW Coupe will also do 207MPH when derestricted. With weight reduction, such as using a carbon fibre roof, the M6 weighs 1710 kgs. Costing £80,000 when new, examples now sell for £17,000.

BMW M6 E63

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