Exhaust Cutout / Exhaust Bypass Valve

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Exhaust Cut-out or bypass kits are Y piece exhaust joints that you install into your exhaust system. One end of the Y joint is sealed and when opened it bypasses the remainder of the exhaust system. This will create a louder and more aggressive exhaust note as the exhaust silencer is no longer used.

Exhaust Cutout / Exhaust Bypass

Standard Cut-outs - Y piece exhaust joints with one end sealed by a plate. The plate has to be removed by accessing under the car and unscrewing the bolts that hold the plate on.

Exhaust Cutout / Exhaust Bypass


- Reliable and robust as there are no moving parts or electrics.
- Cheaper than an electric cut off valve


- Involves getting under the car to remove the plate and might require the use of a jack or a ramp.
- Time consuming to open and can’t be done while the car is in motion

Electric Cut-out Valve - Y piece exhaust joints with one end sealed by an electric motor valve. This valve is opened by the use of a switch in the car.


- Cut-out valve can be operated from within the car.
- Only takes a few seconds to open.

Disadvantages compared to non electric cut-outs

- Expensive.
- Cheaper models are not reliable as the electric motor and valves can fail.

Depending on the car type and setup some will have power gains or even power losses. Owners report that turbo charged engines have more power increases than normal aspirated engines. Also depending on the car and positioning of the Exhaust Cut-out the exhaust note might not sound as good as expected. It’s best to hear one that is already installed on the same model of car.

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