Golf R32 MK5 Headlight Washers Not Working

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Golf MK5 Headlight Washer

If you’re having problems with the VW Golf MK5 headlight washers then most likely it is a blown fuse. The headlight washers should activate every fifth pull of the windscreen washer when the main headlights are on.

To check fuse no. 36 of your Golf first open the fuse box cover with a flat head screw driver.

Golf MK5 Fuse Box

The fuse box diagram below is of a left hand drive car. On a right hand drive car the diagram is inverted.

Golf MK5 Fuse Box Diagram

Remove fuse number 36 with the tweezers found in the fuse box cover.

Golf MK5 R32 Remove fuse

Below on the left is a new fuse and on the right is a blown fuse. If there is a burnt break in the middle of the fuse then it is blown. Replace with a new yellow 20 amp fuse.

Blown Car Fuse

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