Porsche 993 Engine Mounts Replacement

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Carrera 4 engine mounts 99337504909 As many 993's are nearly 20 years old most likely the mounts are worn and could do with a refresh. Many other owners have reported on improved gear changes and a more stable feeling on the track after the replacement. I decided to change mine as the car was 18 years old with 110k miles.

The Carrera 4 engine mounts 99337504909 can also be used in the Carrera 2. They are firmer than the standard C2 mounts so the engine will not move as much. This will give a more stable feeling.

All options:

- Carrera 2 mounts, filled with fluid softest option. Also most expensive option. £470
- Carrera 4 mounts, semi filled with fluid and allow movement in one direction. Firmer than C2. £250
- 993 RS engine mounts, solid mounts even firmer than C4 mounts. £250

Below is a picture of my engine mounts before and after the replacement. The new mounts have raised the engine by a very small distance.

Porsche 993 Engine Mount Replacement Difference

Took the car for a long test drive after the replacement and I did notice a small difference with:

- Gear changes did feel better.
- Very slight increase in cabin noise.
- Less engine movement under hard acceleration.

All these differences are very slight and in my opinion made my 993 feel more like she use too a decade ago.

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