VW Golf MK5 Key Fob Replacement

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Tools required to replace the key fob with a new one.

How to replace VW MK5 Key Fob.

Insert flat head screwdriver into the gap and twist it to separate the key fob.

Twist screwdriver

Separate Fob

Pull Fob apart

Open the lower part of the fob by using the flat head screwdriver.

Open lower part of key fob

VW lower part of Key Fob separated.

VW lower part of Key Fob separated and dissembled.

Remove the VW emblem badge from the back to show the screw.

VW key fob emblem badge removed

VW badge and screw removed from key fob

VW key fob upper part separated.

Remove the chip very carefully and transfer to the new fob. Use a small piece of sticky pad to hold the chip in place if required.

Remove VW key fob chip

Remove the key from the Key Fob

Transfer the key to the new fob. Turn the key counter-clockwise one turn to put tension in the spring. So when the button is pressed the key will spring open.

Turn key anti clockwise one turn

Insert screw to hold key in place

VW key fob join key fob together

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