Delorean Electric Window Regulator Repair Fix

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This guide will show you how I repaired my Delorean electric window regulators. My regulators hadn't worked in several years and I decided to attempt to repair them before ordering new ones. Luckily it worked and I saved myself hundreds of pounds.

First try your windows to establish that it isn't the switch that is broken. With the ignition on press the window switch and the lights should dim on the centre heater console. If the lights don't dim then the switch could be broken or maybe even a lose wire. If it does dim when the switch is pressed proceed below.

Remove the door panels as shown in this guide:
Delorean Door Panel Removal Guide

Remove the electric window regulators as shown in this guide:
Delorean Electric Window Regulator Removal Guide

Delorean Electric Window Regulator

First remove the two screws that secure the motor to the regulator.

Delorean Regulator fix

Once the two screws are removed hold the plastic block connector for the wires and pull the motor case off.

Delorean Regulator Fix

You will see that motor outer case has corrosion on the magnets. This will need to be removed.

Delorean window motor ceased

The motor armature also has corrosion and needs to be cleaned.

Delorean Window Motor Corrsion

Use electric contact cleaner spray and a tiny grinder to clean the corrosion off.

Electric Contact Cleaner Spray

Delorean window motor Contact cleaner

Delorean Window Motor Case

Also clean the contact plates for the brushes

Delorean Window Motor Brush Contact

Assemble the motor back together then connect the wires and cable tie to the door for testing.

Delorean Elrctric window regulator testing

Use the motor to remove the long spring regulator mechanism by holding the window up switch down. If the motor won't work you will have to rotate the motor by hand with the motor case off. Then clean the spring and re-grease it.

Delorean Window Regulator spring

My regulator was still not operating smoothly and problem seemed to be inside the sealed cog mechanism. To avoid damaging the plastic case I decided to drill a small hole to gain access.

Delorean Window Regulator

I then used this hole to flush the gears with WD-40 and spray grease.

Flush Delorean Window Regulator with WD40

After flushing with WD-40, success !, my regulator started to work very smoothly. The only other problem was my regulator had a small crack on the plastic elbow.

Delorean Electric Window Regulator Crack

I decided to use epoxy glue and cable ties to make the plastic elbow stronger.

Delorean Electric Window Regulator crack

Delorean Electric Window Regulator Repair

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