Delorean LS1 Engine Conversion Swap

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After spending countless hours restoring his 1981 DeLorean, Nicholas Roedl decided his beloved Delorean needed more power.He considered different methods of increasing the power; turbo kits, cams, conversion to a manual and more. He decided a Corvette LS1 5.7L V8 engine conversion would be the best way to get the power and sound the Delorean deserved.

Delorean LS1 Conversion Swap

There was no off the shelf Delorean LS1 engine conversion kit , Nicholas and his father had to design and fabricate all the parts themselves:

- Engine mounts
- Transmission mounts
- Clutch bearing carrier
- Flywheel
- Adapter plate
- Custom Exhaust System

Delorean LS1 Engine Conversion Swap

The LS1 engine to UN1 gearbox adapter plate is made from 6061-T6 .5" aluminum plate. It was designed by Nicholas, and water jet cut by his father.

Delorean LS1 Engine Adapter Plate

Delorean LS1 Engine Conversion Swap Exhaust

Once completed with its custom exhaust system the LS1 powered Delorean was mapped on a rolling road and produced 425 HP at the wheels. At 3000 RPM the LS1 engine is already producing an incredible 350 FT/LBS of torque. The finished car weigh in at 1350 kgs, just 64 kgs heavier than a standard manual Delorean. The weight distribution had almost remained the same, due to the engine and gearbox being mounted six inches closer to the front. (36% / 64% Front / Rear)

Delorean LS1 Engine Conversion Swap

Engine: LS1 5.7L V8
Power: 425 HP
Torque: 350 FT-LB
Transmission: Delorean 5 Speed UN1

0-60 MPH: sub 5 seconds


Below is a You Tube by Nicholas Roedl explaining the conversion.

You Tube video of Nicholas Roedl custom exhaust for the LS1.

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