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General Advice

Porsche 993 the last of air cooled 911's, introduced in 1993 Porsche had made many design and technical improvements compared to it's predecessor the 964. This included :

- Alloy multi arm rear suspension
- Improved aerodynamics
- Six speed gearbox
- Improved four wheel drive system on Carrera 4
- New more powerful 3.6 litre M64 engines

Made until 1998 the 993 production numbers reached 64,000 , there was several different models made.

- Carrera : Rear wheel drive only. 265 - 285 bhp (£20k - £35k)

- Carrera 4 : The 4 means it has four wheel drive. 265 - 285 bhp (£20k - £35k)

- Carrera S : If it has a 'S' this means it is the wide body chassis (rear 3 inch wider) and the larger red brakes. 265 - 285 bhp (£28k - £40k)

- Turbo : Twin turbo 430 bhp model with four wheel drive, wide body chassis (rear 3 inch wider) and the larger red brakes. (£45k - £150k)

- Turbo S : Twin turbo 450 bhp model with four wheel drive, wide body chassis and the larger yellow brakes. (£60k - £150k)

Plus with all the models was the option of 6 speed manual or the 4 speed automatic gearbox.

There is also two other very expensive, rare models :

- RS : 3.8L engine 300BHP , rear wheel drive , stripped out light weight model. Only 1014 ever made. (£75k - £150k)

- GT2 : Twin Turbo 450BHP , rear wheel drive, wide body chassis with wider bolt on arches. Only 57 road legal cars built. (£100k - £200k)

See the 993 Price / Value History

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Over time the exhaust/cat heat shields will rust and fall apart, new heat shields will cost £200. The exhaust silencers welds will be the first to crack due to corrosion, these can be repaired but eventually have to be replaced. A new OEM exhaust silencer will cost £350 each and the 993 has two, so it's best to get the car on a ramp and inspect the exhaust from under the car. There is plenty of performance exhaust options available such as Fabspeed, Supersprint , etc.
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The air cooled M64 engine is very reliable it is a 3.6 Litre 6 cylinder boxster engine, from 1993 -1995 the 993 engine produces 265 bhp , from 1996 the varioram engine produced 285 bhp. The varioram is easily identifiable by the silver inlet manifold on the top of the engine, non varioram engines have a black inlet manifold.
As the engine is air cooled 11.5 litres of oil is used to lubricate and cool the engine. It is also chain driven so no expensive timing belt changes required.

Servicing Costs Every 12,000 miles :

- Minor service £270 (Oil change , air filter)
- Major service £430 (Oil change , air filter, spark plugs)

There is plenty of high mileage cars that have not had a engine rebuild, the only thing to look out for is common oil leaks from the valve covers and chain covers. Check under the car for oil and in the under trays, also for the strong smell of burning once the engine has warmed up.

As many cars are nearly 20 years old most likely the mounts are worn and need replaced. A sign of this is:

- Knocking noises that sound like a loose spoiler.
- Problems changing gear from 1st to 2nd.
- Exhaust tips slightly lower from the rear bumper.

Engine mount options:

- Carrera 2 mounts, filled with fluid softest option. Also most expensive option. £470
- Carrera 4 mounts, semi filled with fluid and allow movement in two directions. Firmer than C2. £250
- 993 RS engine mounts, solid mounts even firmer than C4 mounts. £250

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Gearbox / Clutch

The 993 came with the G50 6 speed gearbox which is very reliable , but check the service history for evidence of gearbox oil changes every 48k miles. The clutch life depends on the driver but can last up to 70k - 100k miles and cost £800 to replace. There was also the optional Tiptronic 4 speed automatic gearbox, the Tiptronic S has gear shifter buttons on the steering wheel. Generally the Tiptronic automatic cars are less desirable than manuals and priced slightly lower, but are still good cars.
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The 993 chassis was zinc galvanised with a 10 year anti corrosion guarantee, but some cars are now 20 years old and unfortunately there is some corrosion problems in certain areas:

- Corrosion under the front and rear windscreens, water gets in under the seals and as the car flexes slightly the rubbing can cause exposure to the scuttle panel. Look carefully around the seals and peel them back if possible to check for rust bubbles. Repair costs can be expensive around £1000 due to the windscreen having to removed and possibly replaced if damaged in the removal process.

- Corrosion in the front wheel arches caused by stone chips hitting the front wings.

- Rear chassis leg corrosion, this is the hardest area to check as it involves the removal of the rear bumper, exhausts and heat shields. The corrosion happens behind a metal plate that was bolted to the car before the chassis was painted. The metal plate is located behind the rear lights and is used to support the bumper. Repair costs depend on the level of corrosion , typically repair costs is £500.

- Rear bumper support brackets corrosion, there is two bumper support brackets just behind the rear wheels. These steel brackets corrode over time and break, this cause the rear bumper to move if pushed in just past the rear wheels. New brackets costs £200 and a few hours to fit.

- Corrosion under the headlights, the headlights are easily removed with a pull of the lever in the boot, check for corrosion and inspect inside the wings for any accident damage.

- Inspect the rest of body for damage checking under the carpets in the boot for damage.

- Check the door straps don't click when opening and closing the door. The door straps can be become separated from the weld inside the door pillar, this can be very expensive to fix £1000.

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The 993 interior wears well, a terrible condition interior could be a sign of neglect.
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If it has a switch it's best to check it, start with the electric windows and optional sunroof. The window switches can fail but these are only £34 each for OEM or £12 for the cheaper reproduction. The sunroof can get get stuck closing due to the plastic wind deflector arms breaking, they only cost £5 and are easy to change.

Heater / AC system is very complex the Climate Control Unit (CCU) monitoring 6 fans in total, this needs to be checked as a new CCU costs over £1000 but can be repaired for £200. First check that all vents blow out slightly cold and warm air, there is electric flap servos that open and closes to provide hot air to the cabin from engine these can fail leaving either only hot or cold air. The air conditioning will most likely not work due to the refrigerant level being too low or leaks in the evaporator.
Also check for the smell of burning oil, expect a slight smell of burning oil, but if there is a really bad smell and even some smoke as well then there is real bad oil leak onto the heat exchangers.

Check the electric seat height adjustment the electric motors or the switch can fail, the switches cost £70 each and some seats have three. If the switch has failed some people adjust the seat by using a DIY harness switch then leave it in that position.

If the car has a 3rd brake light check all the LED's work as a new light cost £130, but you can buy the led's separate from porsche £3 each. (3rd Brake Light LED Part no 999 631 135 90) .

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Wheels / Tyres

The 993 Carrera came with 16 inch wheels as standard, but many owners upgraded them to the optional 17 cup alloys or 18 inch turbo or 18 inch BBS split alloys. The turbo came with 18 inch wheels as standard.
The 18 inch split alloys can sometimes not be refurbished due to the corrosion in the rim bolts that hold the wheel together. If the car is fitted with split rim alloys with bad corrosion keep in mind you might have to buy a new set of alloys.

Porsche are fitted with N rated tyres, these are tyres that are approved by Porsche for fitting to their cars. They usually cost slightly extra than normal tyres, there has been some crazy reports of insurance companies trying not to pay out for car fitted with non N rated tyres.

993 Tyre Size 16 Inch
- Front 205/55/16 , Price each £75 - £120
- Rear 245/45/16 , Price each £150 - £165

993 Tyre Size 17 Inch
- Front 205/50/17 , Price each £125 - £180
- Rear 255/40/17 , Price each £150 - £185

993 Tyre SIze 18 Inch
- Front 225/40/18 , Price each £130 - £150
- Rear 265/35/18 , Price each £180 - £200

993 Turbo / Wide body Tyre SIze 18 Inch
- Front 225/40/18 , Price each £130 - £150
- Rear 285/30/18, Price each £225

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The 993 came with standard Monroe dampers there was an optional extra of M033 springs to lower the car or the optional firmer M030 sports dampers and springs. The standard Monroe dampers only last 40k - 60k miles so at some stage they will need replace, some owners just replace with original OEM dampers , but some upgrade to more modern dampers such as:

- Bilstein Sport B6 Shocks and MO30 springs, £1300 (Fast Road)
- Bilstein B16 PSS10 Coilovers, £2000 (Race / Track)
- KW Coilover ClubSport , £1900 (Race / Track)
- KW Variant 3 Coilover Adjustable kit, £1800

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The brakes on the 993 are very good, the discs are drilled and ventilated.

993 Carrera and Carrera 4 Brakes
-Front 304mm 4 piston front brakes, Pads and discs £220
-Rear 299mm 4 piston rear brakes, Pads and discs £210

993 Turbo Brakes
-Front 322mm 4 piston front brakes, Pads and discs £325
-Rear 322mm 4 piston rear brakes, Pads and discs £220

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